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Technology has made the world a smaller place and this is reflected nowhere more than when it comes to recruiting staff for your business. By advertising your vacancy online you can quite literally reach candidates across the globe. However with this increase in vacancy awareness is the increase in candidate application per vacancy. Sorting through 100's of applications for one role is time consuming and admin intensive, we are sure you already have enough to do in your day.

At Epitome Recruitment we recognise that HR Managers/hiring managers find the administration side to recruiting staff a 'hassle' and it is our aim to take this time consuming process off your desk.

Combining years of experience with the latest technology, we've perfected the recruitment process so that it's more efficient and effective than ever before, reducing the time it takes to fill a position and cutting your costs. We aim to be the 'Epitome' of recruitment by providing one service that includes advertising, processing & candidate filtering/selection, getting it right from the very start, which starts with you the employer engaging our services.

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